Welcome to the Engineering Department Portal Link / USS Heimdal NCC-1793 / R01 SFI.org

The USS Heimdal NCC-1793 is a time honored and leading chapter in Region 01 of Starfleet International – the largest and longest-running Star Trek fan club. The Heimdal began her journey as a the shuttle craft Asgard in 1983 but soon outgrew her humble beginnings and became the USS Heimdal NCC-1793 (more on that later in the website).

The purpose behind this portal is to provide a peak behind the console so to speak. Allowing the user access to the many aspects of our Engineering department and to provide them with insight and inspiration into the wonderful alternate reality of this Starfleet Chapters Engineering Department. We will also be expanding our portal to include many features, some for guest, others specifically for our crew members. These include, but are not limited to – a private Communications Station, Reports Link, Video Conference Connections, Image Gallery, Quick Links to the Fleet, Events Calendar, Games, Project suggestions, and so much more to be rolled out in stages.

It is my hope that you will find this to be a user friendly interface, fun and informative, and a positive addition to your Starfleet journey.

Cmdr. Darrell W. Millner
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Heimdal NCC-1793
R1 / Starfleet International

Visiting an iconic historic craft